Sharing Knowledge

We are keen to make our expertise in the field of political history available to external organisations. We maintain close connections with educational, cultural and heritage institutes and expert networks. We welcome commissions from businesses and institutions to carry out research into business history, and other (public) activities are also possible. For example, Utrecht-based political historians regularly give public lectures and press interviews.

For more information please contact Dr Joost Dankers, +31 (0)30 253 9145.

Expert networks

Political historians from Utrecht University participate in various international networks, including:

Perpetrator Studies Network (Ugur Ümit Üngör)
International and interdisciplinary network of scholars and educators whose research and teaching centers on perpetrators of genocide, mass killing, and political violence.

Expert group on the history of drug regulation (James Kennedy)
This international group has been formed as part of James Kennedy's NWO-funded project 'The Imperative of Regulation'. In this project, scholars work closely with policy makers and other public stakeholders in the field of drug regulation.

Transnational Resistance 1936-1948 (Ismee Tames)
Network of 7 European research institutes in the field of transnational resistance, which proposes alternative perspectives to counterbalance the dominant narratives of national resistance, the Cold War and the Holocaust.

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (Geraldien von Frijtag)
Geraldien von Frijtag is a member of the Research Committee of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI), an initiative to stimulate research into the Holocaust by means of digital tools and a network of experts.