Plant Ecophysiology

The Plant Ecophysiology Group studies the complex interactions between plants and their environment. We focus on physiological and molecular mechanisms that enable plants to cope with flooding stress and/or dense, competitive environments. These stress conditions induce changes in plant growth and metabolism, helping plants to adapt to high water levels or to outcompete neighbors in dense vegetations.


Prof. Rens Voesenek
P: +31 30 253 6849


Jesse Küpers, Iko Koevoets en Sjon Hartman,
3 September 2015
Jesse Küpers, Iko Koevoets and Sjon Hartman were selected for three of the four available PhD. student positions within a NWO-ALW programme.
Prof.dr. Ronald Pierik
19 August 2015
Plant Photobiology: how to grow at high densities
Dry rice plants
8 July 2015
The goal is to determine the mechanisms by which the important food crop, rice, and the model plant Arabidopsis can adapt to different conditions