Publications 2023


Adnew GA, Pons TL, Koren G, Peters W, Röckmann T (2023)
Exploring the potential of Δ17O in CO2 for determining mesophyll conductance. Plant Physiology 192: 1234-1253.

Caspi Y, Pantazopoulou CK, Prompers JJ, Pieterse CMJ, Hulshoff Pol H, Kajala K. (2023)
Why did glutamate, GABA, and melatonin become intercellular signalling molecules in plants? eLife 12:e83361

Huber M, Julkowska MM, Snoek LB, van Veen H, Toulotte J, Kumar V, Kajala K, Sasidharan R and Pierik R (2023)
Towards increased shading capacity: a combined phenotypic and genetic analysis of rice shoot architecture. Plants, People, Planet, in press.

Küpers JJ, Snoek BL, Oskam L, Pantazopoulou CK, Matton SEA, Reinen E, Liao CY, Eggermont EDC, Weekamp H, Kohlen W, Weijers D and Pierik R (2023) 
Local light signalling at the leaf tip drives remote differential petiole growth through auxin-gibberellin dynamics. Current Biology, 33: 75-85. 

Shokrian Hajibehzad S, Romanowski A and Pierik R (2023)
Plant signaling: The sugar-coated story of root growth — how photosynthetic sucrose drives lateral root growth. Current Biology, in press.