Staff members of the Van 't Hoff Laboratory are involved in several courses related to physical chemistry.

  • SK-BFYAN13 "Fysische en anorganische chemie"
  • SK-BFYCH "Fysische chemie 2"
  • SK-BFYC3/SK-MPC3 "Fysische chemie 3" / Advanced Physical Chemistry
  • SK-MCS Colloid Science
  • SK-BASSM Advanced Structures: Scattering and Microscopy
  • Beta-B3MMS Making Modern Science
  • SK-BTOYM Toy models

Bachelor thesis (15 ects)

The student will perform experimental and/or theoretical research on the chemistry and/or physics of colloidal systems (60%). The work may include the chemical synthesis and characterization of colloidal particles, the performance of systematic physical measurements of colloidal properties, and the use and/or development of theoretical models to describe colloidal behavior. In principle, the focus of the research will be chosen to combine the interests of the student and the supervisor. The results of the research will be presented in a written report (30%) and an oral presentation (10%).

A passing mark for "Fysische Chemie 2" or a comparable course from another department or university is a prerequisite. Knowledge of the course materials from "Fysische Chemie 3" / Advanced Physical Chemistry is highly recommended.


Master thesis (60 ects)

During the master project, the student will perform research on a topic of current interest within the group. As with a bachelor thesis (see above), different combinations of chemical synthesis, physical measurements, and/or theoretical modelling are options. Together with the supervisor, an appropriate focus will be found in line with the interests of the student.

The MSc research project of 60 ects is divided in the following way:

practical and theoretical work 45%
MSc thesis on research 30%
oral presentation on research 10%
pro forma oral presentation in the 4th month 0%
literature essay 15% (6 weeks)

The final mark will be a weighted average of the different marks obtained for the separate subjects (min 6.0 average, in the worst case only one 5.0 for one of the separate parts).
Within the primary electives the student has to pass: Advanced Physical Chemistry (Fysische Chemie 3) and Soft Condensed Matter.