The division includes three research centres:

  • Centre for Research Methods
  • Centre for Clinical Therapeutics
  • WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation

Centre for Research Methods
The mission of the Centre for Research Methods is to develop, improve and evaluate innovative pharmacoepidemiologic methods to obtain reliable information on benefits and harms of medicines after marketing. Main focus of the centre is on methods to control for confounding in causal drug research, health technology assessment, pharmacogenomics and increasing the validity and richness of data on drug exposure, disease outcomes, confounding (e.g. comorbidity, risk factors) and modifying (e.g. biomarkers) factors.
Scientific director: prof. dr. Ton de Boer
Managing director: prof. dr. Olaf Klungel

Centre for Clinical Therapeutics
The Centre for Clinical Therapeutics studies the determinants, patterns and outcomes of pharmacotherapy in clinical settings. The centre focuses on the beneficial and adverse effects of pharmacotherapy both in outpatient as in hospital settings, using and combining data from medical and medication records, laboratory data, as well as patient questionnaire and interview data. The Centre for Clinical Therapeutics includes the Utrecht Pharmacy Panel for  Education & Research (UPPER) network of pharmacies and closely collaborates with the University Medical Centre Utrecht, and various clinical centres in The Netherlands.
Scientific director: prof. dr. Toine Egberts
Managing director: dr. Rob Heerdink

WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation
The Centre for Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation aims at developing new methods for independent policy and regulatory research, evidence based policy scenarios and conceptual innovation in the area of pharmaceutical policy analysis. The Centre offers pharmaceutical policy training courses, conferences, and other teaching and learning projects focusing on the training and education needs in pharmacoepidemiology, drug regulatory science and pharmaceutical policy analysis. The Centre provides scientific advise to third parties, especially public health authorities, NGOs and academia on pharmaceutical policy and regulatory issues and works with WHO and other international partners on joint research initiatives to improve use of medicines.
Scientific director: prof. dr. Bert Leukens
Managing director: dr. Aukje Mantel-Teeuwisse