The division is involved in the education of Bachelor's students enrolled in Pharmacy and the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Master's students enrolled in Pharmacy and Drug Innovation. Education is also provided in the training programmes of EU2P.

Bachelor's programmes

Members of the division participate in courses for undergraduate students in the fields of pharmacology (pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics), pharmacotherapy of among others hormonal, psychiatric, immunological, and cardiovascular disorders and pharmacoepidemiology.

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Master's programmes

In the Pharmacy Master's programme, teachers - often also working as public pharmacists or hospital pharmacists - are involved in courses in the field of the task areas of pharmaceutical patient care, medication policy, quality assurance and research with a focus on pharmacoepidemiology, clinical pharmacology and pharmaceutical policy and regulation.

Furthermore, staff members provide education in professional-related competences such as oral and written communication and they guide students in their professional and personal development.

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