About us

The Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacology is dedicated to the comprehensive study of medicine use and its impact on patient outcomes. We recognize the inherent variability in drug responses, even after rigorous pre-market testing, and our research seeks to understand these variations with a focus on real-world clinical settings. 

Our interdisciplinary approach combines elements of pharmacoepidemiology, as reflected in our Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology, which aims to apply, develop, improve, and evaluate innovative observational pharmacoepidemiologic methods to obtain reliable information on benefits and harms of medicines after marketing in real life. We investigate the effects of pharmacotherapy through the lens of clinical pharmacology. The Centre for Clinical Therapeutics translates findings from controlled trials to larger, diverse patient populations, ensuring that our investigations are immediately relevant to both patients and healthcare providers. The integrated approach to the drug life cycle and the context in which medicines are developed, assessed, and used, is embodied in the Centre for Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation. This Centre focuses on policy, regulatory, and HTA research and methods, ensuring that our endeavours align with the broader needs of society and the evolving landscape of pharmaceutical policy. 

Together, these integrated research areas ensure that our work remains both comprehensive and patient-oriented, addressing the multifaceted challenges of modern pharmacotherapy.

Our division adheres to the principles of the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity for all public and public-private scientific and scholarly research activities and collaborations.
Link: https://www.knaw.nl/en/themes/research-integrity