Research Facilities and Services of the Pharmaceutics division

Here we present you an overview of our advanced equipment that we use for our research on drug delivery systems.

Combining a great team of scientists in a multidisciplinary setting together with a state-of-the art equipment infrastructure allows us to perform cutting-edge research at the forefront of science.

Facilities and Services We Offer

We are more than happy to share our expertise and equipment to third parties either through a scientific collaboration or via a fee-for-service construction. Pharmaceutical product development requires in-depth characterization already at an early stage for which expensive equipment and knowledge is needed. This is often lacking in starting companies or SMEs. Especially for this group we offer our services, which would save you huge investments at an early stage of pharmaceutical product development. An added benefit is that your personnel will be trained on the spot as well as a separate option.


Contact the facility manager Mies van Steenbergen to discuss the possibilities for you.

Highlighted Equipment at Pharmaceutics