The diversification of organized crime into the illegal trade in natural resources

The rising global scarcity of natural resources increasingly attracts transnational criminal organizations. These criminal organisations rapidly shift from ‘traditional’ criminal activities, such as drug or human trafficking, to the illegal trade in natural resources. They react to socio-economic, political and ecological changes by looking for opportunities to diversify their illegal activities. The proposed research aims to understand how and why transnational criminal organizations diversify into the illegal trade in natural resources by looking at the convergence between environmental crime and other serious crimes.

November 30 Online Seminar

Our online seminar ‘Organized Environmental Crime: Black Markets in Gold, Wildlife and Timber’ will take place on November 30 from 10:00-13:00 CET. This seminar will examine the role of organized crime in environmental crime, its convergence with other forms of crime, and the implications for conservation and crime prevention. Academics will discuss together with experts, practitioners and NGOs (e.g., Europol, Interpol, IUCN, WCS, GITOC, UNODC) how to understand, prevent and tackle organized environmental crime.

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