Dissimilarity and inclusion in organisations

Illustratie van allerlei verschillende soorten mensen

Diversity and inclusivity: Almost every organisation has something to say about it. It is also often discussed in political and societal discussions. The questions is no longer whether diversity and inclusivity are desired, the question is what we can do about it. Organisations appoint diversity officers, have special events and implement diversity policies. But what works?

I investigate the social psychological processes that play a role in diversity and inclusivity. I have multiple research lines. For example, I look at the perspective of the minority: How does the feeling of being 'dissimilar' to most others in a group play a role in feelings of inclusion? On how many and which characteristics do these people feel different? Do these people feel that they can be authentic? Does the group give them the feeling of belonging?

Furthermore, I investigate how organisations communicate diversity policies and what is effective by using publicly accessible texts from organisations and experimental methods.

I receive some of the data for my research from the Netherlands InclusivityMonitor, where organisations can monitor their diversity policy and feelings of inclusion of their employees.


This project is funded by the Spinoza grant Naomi Ellemers.