The availability of high-tech equipment is a prerequisite for high quality research. For the various research projects advanced, in house, analytical and synthesis equipment is availabale to all researchers in the group.

The Varian VNMR-S-400 System
The Varian VNMR-S-400 System

Analytical Equipment (NMR Spectroscopy)

For Routine multinuclear NMR studies an Agilent MRF400 equiped with a OneNMR probe and Optima Tune system is available. For more advanced experiments a Varian VNMR-S-400 equiped with PFG probe is used.

Analytical Equipment (UV-VIS Spectroscopy)

PerkinElmer Lambda35 for routine UV-VIS measurements. For advanced experiments a high-end Lambda950 (including NIR region) is available. Moreover, for in situ UV-VIS spectroscopy, a mobile Varian Cary-50 equiped with fiber optics probe is available.

Analytical Equipment (IR Spectroscopy)

For routine IR spectroscopy (ATR probe, KBr pallets etc) a PerkinElmer SpectrumTwo Infra Red spectrofotometer is available. In situ IR spectroscopy may be performed using the ASI React IR-1000 spectrofotometer, equiped with a diamond ATR probe via mirror optics.

The Gas Chromatography Lab
The Gas Chromatography Lab

Analytical Equipment (Chromatography)

For product analysis and kinetic studies 4 gas chromatographs equiped with autosamplers are available (PerkinElmer Clarus 500 (2) and PerkinElmer AutoSystem-XL (2)). For simultaneous gaschromatographic separation and product identification a PerkinElmer TurboMass GC-MS combination is available.

For liquid phase separations and analysis the group has in house HPLC and GPC facilities.

The ESI-MS LCT-Premiere
Our ESI-MS LCT-Premiere

Analytical Equipment (Mass Spectroscopy)

The group owns a ESI-MS combination (Waters LCT-Premiere) for e.g. high resolution mass spectroscopic studies of metal complexes.

Analytical Equipment (various)

Other in-house analytical techniques include, cyclovoltametry, DSC and polarization microscopy.

LABmaster dp glove box
LABmaster dp glove box

Synthesis Equipment

For specialized synthetic procedures special equipment is available:

  • Two Braun LABmaster dp glove boxes: for the preparation of samples and small scale synthesis in an inert atmosphere
  • Braun MB-SPS-800 solvent purifier
  • Supelco VersaFlash equipment: for purification/separation of reaction mixtures by flash chromatography on a preparative scale
  • Various Parr autoclaves: for reactions at elevated pressure