The availability of high-tech equipment is a prerequisite for high quality research. For the various research projects advanced, in house, analytical and synthesis equipment is available to all researchers in the group.

Two people discussing NMR results in front of the NMR spectrometer
The Jeol EZCL G System

Analytical Equipment (NMR Spectroscopy)

For routine multinuclear NMR studies a Varian VNMR-S-400 equipped with AutoX probe and Agilent ProTune probe tuning accessory or equipped with a OneNMR probe and Optima Tune system is available. Early 2023 we welcomed a 400 MHz Jeol EZCL G system with an HFX probe and 90 G/cm gradient amplifier. With these instruments we are able to perform most solution-state NMR experiments, including variable temperature and 13C{1H,19F} and combinations thereof. The latter features a 30-position sample changer.

Analytical Equipment (EPR Spectroscopy)

With our Bruker EMX Plus with a liquid nitrogen cryostat, analysis of radical species as well as paramagnetic compounds can be performed.

Analytical Equipment (UV-VIS Spectroscopy)

A PerkinElmer Lambda950 (including NIR region) is available. Moreover, in situ UV-VIS spectroscopy can be done using our mobile Varian Cary-50 equipped with fiber optics probe.

Analytical Equipment (IR Spectroscopy)

For routine IR spectroscopy our researchers use a PerkinElmer SpectrumTwo Infrared spectrophotometer. This can be equipped with an ATR probe, a sample holder for KBr pallets or a liquid cell with NaCl windows.

A person operating a gas chromatograph
The Gas Chromatography Lab

Analytical Equipment (Gas Chromatography)

For product analysis and kinetic studies 4 gas chromatographs equipped with autosamplers are available (PerkinElmer Clarus 500 (2) and PerkinElmer AutoSystem-XL (2)). For simultaneous gas chromatographic separation and product identification a PerkinElmer Clarus 680 + SQ8T GC-MS combination is available.

With an in-line Interscience CompactGC4.0 G.A.S. containing a 7m*0.32mm Molsieve 5A column, 50 μL sample loop and Thermal Conductivity Detector, our researchers are able to quantify H2.

Analytical Equipment (Liquid Chromatography)

For liquid phase separations and analysis, the group has a Perkin Elmer Flexar with autosampler, gradient pump and a PDA-type UV/VIS detector. Some of the available columns are general reverse phase columns and more specialized chiral columns. Additionally, the group features two low temperature GPC systems with UV/VIS absorption and refractive index detection, respectively. 

A person injecting a sample into the mass spectrometer
Our Advion Expression ESI-MS

Analytical Equipment (Mass Spectroscopy)

The group owns an ESI-MS combination (Advion Expression L cms) for e.g. mass spectroscopic studies of metal complexes. In addition to the liquid injection options, the machine is equipped with an automated TLC plate reader (Plate Express).

Analytical Equipment (Electrochemistry)

Electrochemical properties of compounds can be analyzed using the cyclic voltametry setup. Placing the setup inside a glovebox enables us to perform CV measurements under fully inert conditions.

Computational Chemistry

Our group has access to the Surfsara High Performance Computing facilities, specifically to the Cartesius cluster. 

A person working in a glovebox
One of the Gloveboxes

Synthesis Equipment

For specialized synthetic procedures special equipment is available:

  • Many fumehoods in our lab are equipped with proper Schlenk setups to allow air-free handling of compounds. This includes an Edwards Vacuum Oil Pump, capable of reaching 10–3 mbar, in each fumehood.
  • The Edwards EXC 120 high vacuum setup is capable of reaching 10–7 mbar.
  • A Braun LABmaster dp glove box is used for the preparation of samples and CV analysis in an inert atmosphere (N2).
  • An MBraun MB200B and two UnilabPlus gloveboxes are used for sample preparation and small scale synthesis in an inert atmosphere (N2).
  • A third UnilabPlus glovebox is used with an argon atmosphere.
  • Braun MB-SPS-800 solvent purifier brings the moisture level of solvents down to a few ppm.
A person is looking at a photochemical reaction using green light
Photochemistry using Kessil lamps
  • An autocolumn system will soon be purchased: for purification/separation of reaction mixtures by (flash) chromatography on a preparative scale
  • Various Parr autoclaves: for reactions at elevated pressure
  • Kessil lamps in several wavelengths are used for photochemistry.
  • Gas addition setup for H2, CO and CO2