Open Education

What does developing and providing open education mean? The vision of the Open Science programme is to encourage academics to adopt an open attitude in the research that they do and the education they provide. At Utrecht University, open education is the translation of the open science philosophy into an educational context. The most important topics of open education are outlined below:

Open attitude as education goal

  • Students are the scholars of the future. Therefore, it is important that students learn what an open academic attitude is. The UU stimulates that students, now and in the future, publish open access, make their data available in a FAIR way, use open software and involve society in their research

  • Input from society in academic education is not only valuable for students themselves; teachers and students can also help societal partners with solving their challenges. That is why open education is also about involving people from outside in academic education

  • Now and in the future, students will take part in societal, sometimes polarised, debate. Open Education is working on ways of preparing students for this

Open attitude in providing education

  • Open education is also about removing barriers to attend university classes. Barriers such as: financial means, language, and the accessibility of locations. These barriers can be reduced by using new educational methods such as MOOCs or cooperation between international partners

  • Developing learning materials together and reusing each other's learning materials can have many advantages, such as saving time, providing inspiration and improving quality. Utrecht University stimulates the development, central storage, and availability to others of reusable learning materials

Recognition and rewards in education

The way academics and university staff are recognised and rewarded is key to the behavioural change towards open science. Recognising and rewarding teaching as equal to research is one of the university's major challenges today and essential for making the change towards open science and education.

Track leaders

Project team


The Open Education track will launch in the autumn of 2022. We expect to collaborate closely with other initiatives within Utrecht University, such as community engaged learning, interdisciplinary education, and Education for Professionals. Utrecht is also contributing to national developments in the field of open education, for example within the Versnellingsplan and the national association of universities: Universities of The Netherlands.


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