The research of the NMR group aims at gaining fundamental insight into biological processes using solution and solid-state NMR spectroscopy as the main biophysical experimental techniques in combination with molecular biology and computational structural biology methods. Novel research concepts are being developed and applied to complex biomolecular systems including protein-protein and protein-nucleic acid complexes or membrane proteins.


NMR Spectroscopy Research Group

Barbara Hendricx
T +31.(0)30.2532652



4 January 2016
BioExcel will improve the performance, efficiency and scalability of three of the major software codes used in biomolecular science: GROMACS, HADDOCK and CPMD.
16 December 2015
NWO highlights Angewandte Chemie paper from Dr. Markus Weingarth.
4 November 2015
State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science Sander Dekker will officially open the uNMR-NL research facility at Utrecht University