NCU research projects, awarded 2011

In the second round, in 2011, 14 projects were awarded. As in the first round, granted projects establish new collaborations and promote crossing borders of classically distinct research areas.

Below a brief description of the various projects can be found:

Epigenetic modification of the stress response

Biological grounding of the unconscious human will: The role of the ventral striatum in outcome priming effects on motivated action

Proactive versus reactive inhibition in ADHD: Genetics, neurobiology and pharmacology

The human brain is a network

Imaging mental imagery in anorexia nervosa: A collaborative project from experimental psychopathology, neurobiology and neuroimaging

To hit your goal: towards understanding deficits in response selection

Neuronal Cell Screening Center (NCSC)-A microscopy-based screening platform for genes associated with psychiatric and neurologic disease

Discovering declarative memory: A multi-modal imaging approach in patients with ischemic stroke

How audible smiles affect speech comprehension

Controlling behavior using optogenetics

Finding new genes for ALS: a combined neuroimaging-neurogenetics approach

The Drum Language of Senegal – a Neurolinguistic Perspective

Stress on Stress in Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

How the brain differentiates between “on” and “above”: the neurocognition of topological and projective prepositions