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News related to the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM).

8 November 2018
She got the prize for her thesis on “Human Rights and Climate Change.
This course was developed by Antoine Buyse, Janneke Gerards and Paulien de Morree of Utrecht Law School
23 October 2018
Enroll in the sixth edition. This free online course is for everyone who is interested in the protection of human rights and the idea of open societies.
15 October 2018
The Association of Human Rights Institutes, of which SIM is a founding member, adopted the Edinburgh Declaration at its annual conference last month.
Nieuwsbrief, newsletter
11 October 2018
News from researchers connected to the SIM and announcements of new SIM events, Fall 2018 edition of the SIM newsletter.
Montaigne workshop Straatsburg
2 October 2018
Janneke Gerards and Antoine Buyse have co organised a workshop at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights
30 August 2018
As an assistant editor you will be helping the managing editor of the Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights (NQHR).
Vrouw tegen neon achtergrond
28 August 2018
How neutral is a decision that is informed by an algorithm? Janneke Gerards and Max Vetzo explain the bottlenecks.
Agnes Callamard, VN-rapporteur
22 August 2018
This lecture will explore the implications for accountability and protection of the emerging international counter-terrorism legal regime.
Daphina Misiedjan
25 July 2018
Dry weather is forcing us to be sparing with water, and opens up questions like "who has the right to water?" Daphina Misiedjan examines these issues.
18 July 2018
Abstracts from both practitioners and academics working in the field of international criminal law and other relevant disciplines are welcome.