Researchers SIM

The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) is the home base of a vibrant, interdisciplinary and international group of researchers, lecturers, and PhD students. SIM staff participates in key research programmes of the School of Law and of Utrecht University. Transitional justice, regional human rights mechanisms, human rights protection during and after conflict, and the interplay between human rights and international and EU law are some of our fields of expertise. SIM Fellows are researchers within the School of Law with whom SIM closely cooperates.

Director SIM

  • European Convention on Human Rights, Human Rights, Law in Post-Conflict Situations, Transitional Justice, Freedom of Speech

Senior Researchers

  • International Human Rights Law, Gender and Law, Gender Diversity, Intersectional Discrimination, International Family Law, Empirical Legal Studies, Migration
  • Armed Conflict, Armed Groups, International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, Public International Law
  • European Convention on Human Rights, International Criminal Law, Human Rights, Transitional Justice
  • Disability and Law, Human Rights Vulnerable Groups , Legal Pluralism
  • European Convention on Human Rights, International Security Law, International Human Rights Law, Interfaces between National and Internatinal Law, Public International Law
  • Human Rights, Transitional Justice, Victim Rights, International Criminal Law, International Criminal Procedure
  • Courts, Democracy, International Law, Human Rights, Political Theory, Judicial Review, Philosophy of Law, Legal Theory, Transnational Legal Theory
  • Comparative Human Rights, Intersectional Discrimination, Gender-Based Violence, Gender Diversity, Empirical Legal Studies
  • Critical Pedagogy and Methods of Learning, Educational Research, Human Rights in Higher Education and Preparation of Professionals, Human Rights-Based Approach to Education, Transitional Justice
  • European Convention on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Discrimination
  • International Criminal Law, International Security Law, Gender and Conflict, Public International Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law
  • Human Rights, Terrorism and Political Violence, European and International Law, International Human Rights Law
  • International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law

SIM Fellows