Education Montaigne Centre

Researchers of the Montaigne Centre regularly contribute to the Utrecht University School of Law's bachelor programmes and in various master programmes, such as the Legal Research Master, the Constitutional and Administrative Law Master and the Criminal Law Master.

Legal Research Master

Within this two-year research master programme, various researchers of the  Montaigne Centre provide education.

  • Rob Widdershoven: Dynamics of Law in European and International Context I
  • Ton Hol – Methodology I: Internal Perspective
  • Philip Langbroek – Methodology II: External Perspective
  • John Vervaele: Dynamics of Law in European and International Context II

Courses and in-company trainings

The Montaigne Centre regularly organises courses and in-company training, generally of a post-academic character and focused on the legal or mediation practice and on current developments in the field of justice and conflict resolution. For several years, researchers of the Centre Montaigne have also been providing intervision sessions for the legal profession, e.g. on professional ethics and integrity, Europeanisation of law and the role of the judge.

Our researchers also contribute to the SSR Six-Day Event about the ‘trade’ of judges and the Summer Courses on Law, Language and Literature and on Judicial Assessment in cooperation with the Study Centre for Judicial Administration (SSR: Studiecentrum Rechtspleging).