Push the white button

Jordi Pelkmans
Luis Lugones
Han Wösten
Mushroom like the button mushroom (champignon) are produced and consumed at large scale. They are low in fat and are rich in protein and fibre. Moreover, they contain vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds like anti-cancer polysaccharides. The proces of mushroom formation is a near black box. We have identified several transcriptional regulators that are involved in mushroom formation in the model system Schizophyllum commune. We have also shown that we can control mushroom formation in time and space by placing these transcriptional regulators under control of an inducible promoter. We now aim to further unravel the regulatory network of mushroom formation and to use this knowledge to improve mushroom production in commercial mushrooms such as the button mushroom (champignon). For this, we use molecular and bioinformatic approaches. 

This project is performed in collaboration with companies, and Wageningen and Delft University and financially supported by STW.