Immune & Cellular Therapies

The carcinogenetic role of the immune system in the cancer micro-environment is increasingly acknowledged. Ongoing research reveals potential and promising targets. Our new Utrecht Innovation Center for Advanced Therapies (ICAT), allows a rapid translation of these research findings into Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) for clinical trials and patient care.

Our immune system is capable of recognizing cells that have become cancerous. Innovations in immune and cellular therapies are capable of priming our immune system to eliminate the cancer cells. 


As fundamental and translational results are promising, multiple, including first-in-man, clinical studies with more innovative immunotherapeutic agents have been instigated in pediatric, adult and veterinary patients with already confirmed improved outcome for certain solid and hematological malignancies.

Next generation experts

Our responsibility includes educating and training the next generation of researchers to create a dynamic environment in which innovative science will continue contributing to an ever-improving outcome for our patients.  

PhD programmes

Within the Graduate School of Life Sciences offer the following PhD programmes tailored to this goal.

Students can also visit our other PhD programmes or Master's programmes.