Cell & Tissue Models

Prediction of therapeutic response is crucial in preventing administration of ineffective cancer treatments. Many researchers at USP, including those within Oncode, use advanced cell (e.g., Single Cell Analysis) and tissue (e.g., organoids - U-PORT, HUB , CMOB) models to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment outcome.

All knowledge institutes at Utrecht Science Park have extensive expertise in 3D miniature models of tumors, organoids, that are grown in vitro from patient-derived tumor cells. These ‘mini tumors’, or organoids, offer realistic models for drug development and testing, resulting in more effective systemic cancer therapies.


The development of cell and tissues models that serve as a living model to understand cancer mechanisms, select the most effective of existing systemic treatments, and find new treatment opportunities.

Next generation experts

Our responsibility includes educating and training the next generation of researchers to create a dynamic environment in which innovative science will continue contributing to an ever-improving outcome for our patients.

PhD programmes

Within the Graduate School of Life Sciences we offer the following PhD programme tailored to this goal. 

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