AI Models

Research in bioinformatics such as within the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center, the Big Data Core Máxima and within the recently established UMC Utrecht Artificial intelligence (AI) labs and Animal Welfare AI lab, further enhances the development of predictive algorithms on molecular (genomic, proteomic, metabolomic) and imaging data.

Diagnostic accuracy and prediction of therapeutic response are crucial in preventing administration of ineffective cancer treatments. AI and in silico models play an instrumental role in improving these areas. 


The development of advanced AI and in silico models, applied to genetic data, digital pathology or radiology images, improves diagnostics and prediction of treatment responses.

Next generation experts

Our responsibility includes educating and training the next generation of researchers to create a dynamic environment in which innovative science will continue contributing to an ever-improving outcome for our patients.  

PhD programmes

Within the Graduate School of Life Sciences we offer the following PhD programmes tailored to this goal.

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