Utrecht Exposome Hub

How does the totality of exposures that a person experiences combined with the associated biological response, relate to health and disease?

In addition to our genetic nature, the environment in which we live  has a major influence on our health. Non-genetic factors, such as our physical or social environment, or our behaviour, play an important role in the development and prognoses of diseases.

The totality of environmental exposures over the life course is called the exposome. The exposome includes every factor that determines sickness and health that is not part of a person’s genome.

Combined research

The exposome allows for systematic evaluation of the relationship between environmental exposures (non-genetic factors) and associated biological consequences (genetic factors), and therefore represents a powerful approach for discovery in health research. The Utrecht Exposome hub combines research on both the external exposome, focusing on sensoring, exposure modelling, and e- and m-Health applications, and on the internal exposome, focusing on microbiomics. By combining this research, we aim to develop successful prevention and intervention strategies in amongst others cardiovascular, mental, infectious, and immunological diseases.