Madelon Maurice

Madelon Maurice
Professor of Molecular Cell Biology
Department of Cell Biology
UMC Utrecht

T: +31 88 7557574 / 7556474

“Everyone brings in their own types of questions.”

Cells communicate via secreted proteins. Wnt proteins play a significant role in embryonic development and the maintenance of adult tissues and adult stem cells. Because if its role in major developmental processes, dysregulation of Wnt often contributes to many developmental and genetic diseases. Insights into the Wnt pathway may contribute to the development of regenerative and anti-cancer therapies.
Madelon studies how biochemical signals are transferred from the outside of a cell to its inside, and how mutations in the Wnt pathway result in miscommunication between cells and their environment.

Key words
Cancer, Wnt, stem cells, development, signaling, regeneration

Brief bio of Madelon
Madelon studied Medical Biology at the Free University, Amsterdam and received her PhD from Leiden University Medical Center on T-cell function in rheumatoid arthritis. She then conducted her post-doctoral research at Harvard Medical School in Boston, and then in the lab of Hans Clevers at the Hubrecht Institute. In 2016, Madelon became full professor at the UMC Utrecht and contributes as a mentor and lecturer.