Utrecht Advanced In Vitro Models Hub

How can the co-creation, application and valorisation of in vitro models using beyond state-of-the-art technologies be improved leading to the reduction of animal experimentation?
ULS Advanced In Vitro Models

Many scientific discoveries are societally relevant and have market potential. Also, scientists are becoming more aware of the fact that in many cases, particularly with in vitro research, models in development have potential to replace or reduce animal experimentation. At the same time – also due to societal pressure and political ambitions – companies search for alternatives for animal experimentation. U-AIM is a “one-stop shop” where high potential in vitro models are being developed, validated and transitioned to stakeholders. Through a strong cooperation between scientists, students, regulators and industry, U-AIM aims to strongly reduce animal experimentation and increase market potential of innovative models.


3 April 2019
Dr. Jan van der Valk has won the Björn Ekwall Memorial Foundation Award 2019.
Jos Malda & Roos Masereeuw
30 November 2018
Roos Masereeuw and Jos Malda at the Utrecht Advanced In Vitro Models hub focus on improving in vitro models as an alternative for animal experimentation.
Debbie Weijers
30 November 2018
Debby Weijers believes in the power of collaboration on the road toward replacement of animal testing