Scientific Instrumentation

The Scientific Instrumentation facilities serve to develop and produce high-tech equipment and prototype devices to enable your ground-breaking research and/or your education aims. The unique combination of highly skilled employees and state of the art equipment, make it possible to generate new designs, manufacture products (0-series), build equipment, advise, and provide a range of services. We also can service or repair equipment, produce custom parts, and modify existing instrumental installations or equipment.

The Scientific Instrumentation facilities consist of three specialist groups:

The Engineering group has specialists in system architecting, mechanical design, optical design, electrical design, and (embedded) software & interfaces

The Realisation, Service and Maintenance group produces custom metal and plastic components using advanced industrial machines. For example 5-axis simultaneously CNC milling, CNC turning, and Electrical Discharge Machining are all operated by specialists and assisted by Computer Aided Manufacturing. In addition to production, we also frequently purchase components to assemble and test

The Glass Workshop designs and produces both glass and ceramic parts, using cold and warm processing. Cold processing consists of several conventional techniques and a highly special ultrasonic milling machine. Warm processing of glass is craftsmanship with torches and ovens (e.g. for providing complex glassware setups used in chemical research).

The Scientific Instrumentation facilities are part of the Faculty of Science of Utrecht University and offer their capabilities to external parties including other academic institutions, as well as established and start-up companies.


Willem Huijgens
Scientific Instrumentation
Faculty of Science, Utrecht University
Caroline Bleekergebouw
Sorbonnelaan 4
3584 CA  Utrecht

Phone: +31 30 253 7335  (Willem Huijgens )

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