An innovative engine for groundbreaking trials

In order to develop and implement an innovative clinical trials portfolio in the UMC Utrecht with both scientific and healthcare global impact, the UMCU has established the Utrecht Trial Innovation Alliance initiative (U-TRIAL). U-TRIAL is designed to strengthen the UMCU’s pursuit of ambitious goals in (notably phase 2b, 3 and 4) clinical trials in its six priority fields: Circulatory Health, Brain, Cancer, Infections & Immunity, Regenerative Medicine, and Child Health. In U-TRIAL the six UMCU priority fields cooperate closely with Julius Clinical (the Academic Research Organisation affiliated with UMCU) and with external partners, including industry and governmental organisations.


In each of these areas, an experienced trialist will act as a clinical trial facilitator. These trialists are key opinion leaders in their respective field and have access to trial networks and consortia. In addition, a clinical trial methodology group specialised in innovative design, analysis and reporting of trials is created to support the U-TRIAL ambitions. The U-TRIAL trialists and methodologists are keenly interested in working with other parties to enable their trial ideas.

The UMCU strategically invests in U-TRIAL to increase the number of high impact clinical trials with innovative design initiated and/or conducted by the UMC Utrecht. This will include clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, investigator initiated and governmental (such as EU or national health institute) funded trials. The results of the clinical trials should translate into tangible effects on patient care.

The head of U-TRIAL, the professor of clinical trial methodology and the Julius Clinical chief scientific officer together with the trial facilitators for each priority field will form the U-TRIAL management team that has the authority and means to achieve the clinical trial goals set by the UMC Utrecht.