Cell Microscopy Core

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Cell Microsopy Core Facility

The Cell Microscopy Core (CMC), embedded in the Cell Biology section of the Center for Molecular Medicine, is an international expertise Center for (immuno-) electron microscopy (EM), correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) and associated sample preparation techniques. CLEM is a rapidly evolving field of methods to perform light/live microscopy and EM on the same sample, creating a new type of integrated microscopy. The CMC is the CLEM Flagship Node of the microscopy infrastructures Euro-BioImaging (EU) and Netherlands EM Infrastructure (NEMI) and serves as CLEM reference site for Leica Microsystems. CMC comprises equipment for EM sample preparation of biological specimens, fluorescent microscopy, live-cell imaging, transmission EM, focused ion beam-scanning EM (FIB-SEM), and CLEM. Together this covers a full range of microscopy methods for integrated studies at the subcellular, cellular and tissue level. Together with the  EM square of the UU, CMC forms the Utrecht EM facility.


CMC provides service and access to local (UMCU, UU and Hubrecht Institute), Dutch (e.g. via NEMI, https://nemi.microscopie.nl/) and international (e.g. via Euro-BioImaging, https://www.eurobioimaging.eu/) academic users, and we work with (inter)national industry partners. We provide expert input in choice of microscopy methods, experimental design, sample preparation, data acquisition and analysis. All interested users receive an intake form and subsequent interview, in which goals, deliverables and fees are settled. We offer different modes of access:

  • Use of equipment and lab space. All users receive an on-site training after which they obtain permission to independently book and use the equipment;
  • Pilot study/ short project. Performed by the expert staff of the CMC;
  • Contract research. Performed by expert members of CMC;
  • Annual EM courses. CMC organizes annual, international, hands-on courses on Resin EM, Immuno-EM, and Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy.

CMC also produces specialized EM tools (e.g. grids, gold-probes, micro-manipulation tools) that can be ordered via the website.


Corlinda ten Brink
Cell Microscopy Core (CMC) Klumperman group
Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM)
UMC Utrecht
Heidelberglaan 100 /Room H02.313
3584 CX Utrecht

Phone: +31 88 755 6551
Email: c.b.tenbrink-3@umcutrecht.nl
Website: https://cellmicroscopy.nl/