Enrico Mastrobattista

Enrico Mastrobattista
“We use nanotechnology to deliver medicines to specific parts of the body in a targeted way”

Dr Enrico Mastrobattista is associate professor of Bioinspired Drug Delivery Systems. He looks for new ways of enabling treatment to be directed solely at diseased tissue. A special organic coating on medicines can enable them to be delivered to specific parts of the body with great precision, so they go exactly where they’re needed. This coating doesn’t just increase the effectiveness of the medicine, but also prevents any potential damaging effects on healthy tissue.

“Using nanotechnology to develop medicines requires a diverse bundle of expertise"

Mastrobattista's research sits within an international alliance of which he himself is a leader. Within that alliance, his research acts as a bridge between fundamental and applied research. Thorough analysis of the movement of biological nanoparticles in the body creates new insights into how medicines might be delivered to where they’re needed in an even more precise way.

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