Debby Gawlitta

Debby Gawlitta
“It’s a challenge to create tissue in the lab”

Debby Gawlitta works at the University Medical Center Utrecht as an assistant professor in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery & Special Dental Care Department, and as a programme coordinator for the Master’s programme in Regenerative Medicine and Technology (RMT). This is a multidisciplinary programme at the interface of biomedical sciences, technology and clinical applications. The Master’s programme is delivered jointly by Utrecht University, the University Medical Center Utrecht and Eindhoven University of Technology. As well as teaching, Gawlitta also researches how bone-marrow stem cells can be isolated so they can be cultivated in laboratories to develop usable cartilage and bone tissue for patients.

“Combining expertise for students enables advances in future research"

As a biomedical engineer, Gawlitta's objective is to replace broken or worn-out tissues in the body with new, healthy tissue. As a programme coordinator, Gawlitta helps students acquire knowledge and skills from a range of disciplines within Regenerative Medicine. By offering a combination of technical, biomedical and medical-based subjects within the Master's programme, students are taught to think in cross-cutting ways. This will also help advance the field of study in future.

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