Our health is shaped by environmental factors that we humans are exposed to on a daily basis: what we eat, the air we breathe, our social interactions and lifestyle choices such as smoking and exercising. The sum of all these environmental drivers of health and diseases is called the exposome.

The exposome concept is trying to capture everything to understand which, how, in what quantities, and in what circumstances environmental drivers have an effect on our health. This very complex set of elements is continually evolving, and to map it is a challenging undertaking. The Utrecht Exposome hub combines research on both the external exposome and on the internal exposome (focusing on the microbiome). By combining this research, we aim to develop successful prevention and intervention strategies in amongst others cardiovascular, mental, infectious, and immunological diseases.

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    • 7 Sep -
      19 Oct

      Exposome MOOC

      Utrecht University returns with the MOOC: The Exposome - cracking the science about what makes us sick. In this course several researchers will introduce you to the exposome concept; the non-genetic drivers of health and disease, since our genes alone do not determine our fate. Join us and sign up!
    • 29 Sep

      The Lifelong Impact of Air Pollution

      On the 29th of September LongITools will host an online form 'The Clean Air Debate: The Lifelong Impact of Air Pollution’ to ensure effective, bi-directional dialogue and exchange of information between policy stakeholders and researchers.
    • 14 - 15 Oct

      14-15 October: Utrecht Science Week ‘21

      A new annual event is scheduled to kick off on 14 and 15 October 2021: Utrecht Science Week. The central theme is: ‘Creating a healthy, sustainable society together’.