Anna Akhmanova

Anna Akhmanova
“You have to research the building blocks of life if you want to reveal new insights”

Prof. Anna Akhmanova is professor of Cellular Dynamics, working with hyper-modern microscopes which make it possible to look within a cell. Doing so enables her to research the movement of cell components and the infrastructure of the living cell. This is a sort of road network of protein tubes carrying information and building blocks. Akhmanova studies exactly how these cell pathways are constructed and used by our bodies.

“Just as cells come together to form a body, you also need to form a team in science”

Cell transportation is important, and it is prone to errors which lead to diseases such as dementia and motor neurone disease. Akhmanova hopes to find out how these errors arise. This in turn may help the development of medicines in the future. Akhmanova works with other scientists in the fields of biology, medicine, physics and computer science in the course of her research. In her opinion, we need to draw on expertise from all of those fields if we are to solve the mysteries of life.

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