The Multimedia group is one of the research groups of the division Interaction within the department Information and Computing Sciences, featuring the following themes and researchers:

multimodal interaction
Multimodal Interaction: using multimodal, mobile, and AR/VR to improve and create new experiences
People: Wolfgang Hürst, Peter Werkhoven, with Nina Rosa.
splash screen Ratjetoe - Ruby's Mission
Applied games: the design, development, evaluation, and application of games for good: health, learning, change.
People: Sander Bakkes, Ana Ciocarlan, Julian Frommel, Herre van Oostendorp, with Dio Alexandridis, Brunella Botte, Annette Brons, Jan Dirk Fijnheer, Max Wolterink.
tonal hierarchy
Music analysis: analysis, recognition and retrieval of music and music information of various genres and corpora.
People: Peter van Kranenburg, Anja Volk, Frans Wiering, with Iris Ren, Miriam Visscher.
visual simulator
Multimedia Pattern Recognition: analysis, classification, and recognition of patterns in text, images, video, and 3D objects.
People: Remco Veltkamp with Ilja Gubins, Laurens Müter.