Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is one of the research groups of the division Intelligent Software Systems within the department of Information and Computing sciences.

Brief History of the NLP group:

The NLP group was founded in 2018, when Prof. Kees van Deemter and Dr. Dong Nguyen joined the UU. Over the years, various people [LINK to PEOPLE PAGE] joined the NLP group, broadening its range and reinforcing our focus on mainly theoretical aspects of NLP, covering both symbolic and statistical approaches. An important recent focus is explainability.

Our currents research strengths include a theme called NLP and Society, a theme called Natural Language Generation, and a theme called Applied Data Science. In all these areas we work closely with the NLP group at OTS/UiL [LINK], for example through joint supervision of PhD students. We contribute to various areas of teaching in the department, for example via the UU’s cross-faculty Bachelor and Master degrees in Artficial Intelligence.

The NLP group is still evolving. For example, Marco Spruit is moving to Leiden University to lead a group in NLP for medical applications. In Aug. 2021, Albert Gatt, will be joining us from the University of Malta, where he led the Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology; Albert will boost our strengths in Natural Language Generation and Deep Learning.