24 March 2017
Under the title 'Diaspora, Migration and the Sciences: A New Integrated Perspective' Rutgers will be leading an international research group of specialists.
The European flag
23 March 2017
On 9 and 10 February, a two-day international workshop was held on the notion of a ‘European social market economy’.
9 March 2017
Utrecht University and City of Utrecht start experiment to study alternative forms of social assistance
3 March 2017
Laurien Crump is awarded the George Blazyca Prize for her monograph 'The Warsaw Pact Reconsidered: International Relations in Eastern Europe, 1955-1969'.
De weegschaal van Vrouwe Justitia.
27 February 2017
Paulien the Morree examines the position of political parties on the resilience scale.
22 February 2017
No reform of the EU will ever be enough for populists, Ton van den Brink argues in Dutch newspaper Volkskrant.
20 February 2017
Barabra Oomen is awarded a Vici-grant from NWO for research on the relationship between local authorities and international human rights.
Stilleven met vergulde bokaal, Willem Claesz. Heda, 1635, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
20 February 2017
Professor Janneke Gerards analyses the plans by the Dutch government to extend assisted suicide laws to “completed life”.
Bronislaw Geremek
17 February 2017
The evening was attended by members of the Polish embassy and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of course students and employees of Utrecht University.
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17 February 2017
In this article, Gijs Jan Brandsma notes how political parties conveniently use Europe for domestic purposes.
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10 February 2017
Should the truth, or the will of the people be central to democracy? Ingrid Robeyns discusses this question with Frank Ankersmit in Dutch newspaper Trouw.
9 February 2017
Ank Michels and Harmen Binnema screen the Dutch election programs for direct democracy.
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8 February 2017
The group of undecided voters is bigger than ever, which could mean the influence of voting advice applications can be decisive for the election result.
7 February 2017
Professor of Fundamental Rights Law Janneke Gerards examines what political parties say about non-discrimination and Article 1 of the Constitution.
Een lege Tweede Kamer.
6 February 2017
Harmen Binnema responds to the idea to implement a knowledge test for adolescents as a condition for voting rights.
Prof. dr. Rosi Braidotti. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
3 February 2017
The Tanner Lectures aim to contribute to the intellectual and moral life of humankind. Rosi Braidotti's talks are jointly titled 'Posthuman, All Too Human.'
Het AIVD-gebouw in Zoetermeer - Wikimedia Commons/S.J. de Waard
31 January 2017
Eleni Braat was a guest at Radio Swammerdam on January 29, 2017, to discuss the history of the National Security Service (Binnenlandse Veiligheidsdienst, BVD).
"Broodsnijdende oude vrouw" (circa 1655) door Gerrit Dou, Uit verschillende details blijkt dat dit een tamelijk welvarend huishouden was. In de meeste huizen was het 's avonds donker. Bron: Wikimedia Commons/ The Yorck Project
27 January 2017
Sandra de Pleijt (Economic and Social history) received a NWO-Rubicon grant to continue her research abroad.
Illustratie: emdé
27 January 2017
Various media outlets reported on UU courses, which put Lingua Receptiva into practice.
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25 January 2017
On the academic blog Stuk Rood Vlees, Eleni Braat and Constant Hijzen answer the question why Trump's distrust of his own intelligence service is unwise.