Incluusion student screenshot
10 December 2018
Student refugees tell us what studying, through the Incluusion programme of Utrecht University has meant for them.
5 December 2018
The call for papers for the IMEBESS 2019 conference in Utrecht is now open, deadline 7 January 2019.
Madeleine de Cock Buning, professor aan de Universiteit Utrecht
4 December 2018
Three professors of Utrecht University debated the rule of law and robots in the near future. This was part of a robot exhibition and a research project.
3 December 2018
Last week 'Lions', a translation by Kári Driscoll of Hans Blumenberg's 'Löwen', was published by Seagull Books.
29 November 2018
In July Cambridge University Press published 'Debunking Arguments in Ethics', a book by Hanno Sauer.
29 November 2018
Professor José van Dijck in 'ScienceGuide' on values in the digital environment.
29 November 2018
In September 'Moral Thinking, Fast and Slow' by Hanno Sauer was published by Routledge.
Clément Nyaletsossi Voule
27 November 2018
Clément Nyaletsossi Voule, flanked by Saskia Brchemmacher of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and by Dominic Perrera of CIVICUS.
Janneke Gerards beste promotor van Nederland
26 November 2018
A jury chose Gerards because of the highly effective and personally involved way in which she supervises 'her' PhD candidates.
22 November 2018
Research by Tine de Moor shows that Belgian citizens set up more and more citizen collectives, Belgian newspaper de Standaard reports.
Londen in de schemering, drukke staat, Big Ben, bussen
15 November 2018
The draft Brexit deal seems to have surprisingly fruitful outcomes for the European Union, Associate Professor European Law Ton van den Brink argues.
Red Table Talk. Bron: YouTube (still)
15 November 2018
Dan Hassler-Forest appeared on NPO Radio 1’s show De Nieuws BV to talk about the success of the online show ‘Red Table Talk’.
12 November 2018
On November 2nd, the Dutch Reformatorisch Dagblad reported on a meeting in Utrecht concerning the fundamental values of the European collaboration.
Foto van B. Groote & Co, collectie Stadsarchief Amsterdam
9 November 2018
Queen Wilhelmina played a much more active role in the Kaiser’s fleeing to the Netherlands than has always been assumed.
Bron: Wikimedia/John Warwick Brooke
8 November 2018
Beatrice the Graaf highlights the continuation of large scale violence on the edges of Europe after 1918 in her column on
Erik Stam
8 November 2018
Bij de fundamentele veranderingen op de arbeidsmarkt horen mogelijk nieuwe regels, wetten en belastingen. Erik Stam is gevraagd om dat mede te onderzoeken.
7 November 2018
In her dissertation, Sanne Akerboom concludes that the decisions by the Dutch government regarding windmill parks do not always cohere with democratic ideals.
5 November 2018
Last month the book 'Capabilities in a Just Society. A Theory of Navigational Agency' by dr. Rutger Claassen has been published.
5 November 2018
Researchers of the Utrecht University School of Economics warn that fraud and the entwining of the underworld and straight world are on the rise.
Duurzaam ondernemen
2 November 2018
The social behavioural skills of key figures within an organisation are crucial for effectively embedding sustainability ambitions, says Angela van der Heijden.