22 May 2017
As part of his stay in Utrecht, psychologist and visiting fellow Roy Baumeister spoke on "Thinking about the Future" in the University Hall.
Oran R. Young
21 May 2017
On 19 May 2017 Oran R. Young gave the seminar 'To BBNJ or Not to BBNJ? Perspectives from the Earth System Governance Community' at Utrecht University.
8 May 2017
The research programme SCOOP is set to receive €18.8 million in funding under the prestigious NWO Gravitation programme.
© iStockphoto.com/hdagli
8 May 2017
The national research school in Classical Studies, OIKOS, receives 18.8 million Euros from NWO.
Data Science Day 13 april 2017
3 May 2017
The recurrent theme in the programme was the increasing extent to which data is part of our lives and hence a source for scientific research
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3 May 2017
This special issue deals with how new media technologies have the potential to re-orient us and radically intervene in our understandings of place.
28 April 2017
Ann Rigney co-edited the special issue 'Audiovisual Memory and the (Re)Making of Europe' of Image [&] Narrative on transnational memory culture in Europe.
25 April 2017
The Utrecht Data School developed the Data Ethics Decision Aid (DEDA) to trace ethical issues in data projects.
Barbara Vis
20 April 2017
The Executive Council has appointed prof. Barbara Vis as professor of Politics & Governance at the Utrecht University School of Governance.
Foto Robert Oosterbroek
7 April 2017
LERU positioning paper on why and how societal impact is, has always been and will remain a core task of universities.
4 April 2017
In this book, Josine Blok proposes a new view of citizenship in classical Athens, bringing together hitherto distinct approaches to the classical community.
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29 March 2017
Michail Moatsos applied globally a promising alternative that avoids the widely applied, but erroneous, assumptions of the fixed 1.9$/day dollar-a-day method.
24 March 2017
Under the title 'Diaspora, Migration and the Sciences: A New Integrated Perspective' Rutgers will be leading an international research group of specialists.
The European flag
23 March 2017
On 9 and 10 February, a two-day international workshop was held on the notion of a ‘European social market economy’.
Scheme of Weten wat werkt experiment
9 March 2017
Utrecht University and City of Utrecht start experiment to study alternative forms of social assistance
3 March 2017
Laurien Crump is awarded the George Blazyca Prize for her monograph 'The Warsaw Pact Reconsidered: International Relations in Eastern Europe, 1955-1969'.
De weegschaal van Vrouwe Justitia.
27 February 2017
Paulien the Morree examines the position of political parties on the resilience scale.
22 February 2017
No reform of the EU will ever be enough for populists, Ton van den Brink argues in Dutch newspaper Volkskrant.
20 February 2017
Barabra Oomen is awarded a Vici-grant from NWO for research on the relationship between local authorities and international human rights.
Stilleven met vergulde bokaal, Willem Claesz. Heda, 1635, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
20 February 2017
Professor Janneke Gerards analyses the plans by the Dutch government to extend assisted suicide laws to “completed life”.