How can we stimulate entrepreneurial activities aimed at tackling societal challenges in an effective way?

How do social entrepreneurs address societal challenges, and what is their role in comparison to that of government and corporations? How can they face the challenges in making their ventures work, in particular when it comes to scaling their solutions? Social entrepreneurs address societal challenges adopting a business model. They come up with innovative solutions to complex problems related to e.g. inclusive labor markets, waste, and global value chains.

The Utrecht University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative develops and disseminates new knowledge jointly with other key actors involved in ecosystems for social entrepreneurship. It is powered by the research expertise that resides in Utrecht University's strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies.


Seed Money. Foto: Tax Credits
15 October 2019
As usual in October we want to draw attention again to the possibility of applying for IOS 'seed money'.
8 October 2019
UtrechtInc presents the 24 startups starting in their validation and accelaration programmes this Fall.
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3 October 2019
The Centre for Entrepreneurship spoke with Cornelis den Hartog and Lars Molenaar, entrepreneurial Master's students Business Development & Entrepreneurship.




Entrepreneurship Day 2019
20 November 2019 18:00 - 21:30
Are you PITCHING (in)? Sign up for the Entrepreneurship Day on November 20th, hosted by the Centre for Entrepreneurship and UtrechtInc Students.