Film Impression Joop Schippers

"Cooperation with other disciplines is very important for me"

Joop Schippers is Professor of Labour Economics at the Utrecht University School of Economics (USE). His current research focusses on the position of elderly employees and gender differences in the labour market. His research is characterised by its multidisciplinary approach and strong - theory driven - empirical orientation. Schippers mainly appreciates working within the multidisciplinary field of ‘Institutions for Open Societies’, because it leads to fruitful teamwork by bringing together experts from various backgrounds.

The Importance of Institutions

‘Economists tend to think in terms of supply and demand. However, supply and demand do not arise in a vacuum, but are influenced by all kinds of institutions, rules and provisions. These largely determine how people will behave. That is why it is important to know what exactly these institutions are and how they function.’


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