Film impression Erik Stam

"If you study entrepreneurship and institutions, society is your laboratory"

Erik Stam is Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance. Within the strategic theme of ‘Institutions for Open Societies’, Stam primarily conducts research in the research theme Institutions for Innovation and Welfare, with a specific focus on entrepreneurship. His research is perfectly suited to our open society in which institutions play an important role. Institutions are, in this sense, the rules established by people which both restrict and enable our behaviour – rules with which entrepreneurs are confronted on a daily basis.

"You have to know which rules influence entrepreneurship”

"If you study entrepreneurship and institutions, society is your laboratory. After all, you have to know which rules influence entrepreneurship – whether they're the rules of society, companies or policymakers." To establish which rules are essential, Stam’s research leads him to frequently  engage with society. Young entrepreneurial companies like &samhoud and UtrechtInc. serve as valuable sparring partners and provide a vast source of knowledge. Stam passes this knowledge on to students who follow his lectures on Entrepreneurship. Consequently, Stam hopes his research can make a substantial contribution to the decision-making processes relating to entrepreneurship, both within companies and the government.

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