Ingrid Robeyns - Professor of Ethics of Institutions

Prof. dr. Ingrid Robeyns
Prof. Ingrid Robeyns

Prof. Ingrid Robeyns holds the new chair in Ethics of Institutions since 1 March 2014. She is also the chair of the Chamber Ethics/Practical Philosophy of the Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW). Until early 2014 she was a professor of Practical Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Director of the OZSW.

Robeyns (1972) studied Economics and Philosophy and obtained her doctorate at the University of Cambridge. She has built up an extensive international research network, as evidenced by her refereeing work, prestigious invited lectures, residences at eminent universities such as Columbia University in New York, the London School of Economics and Oxford University. Ingrid Robeyns is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences' Young Academy.


Robeyns' research specialisations are ideally suited to the strategic theme of 'Institutions'. Her work explores themes such as social justice and sustainability from the perspective of philosophy, economics and social sciences. Robeyns focuses on the political and ethical evaluation and justification of institutions. Such evaluations require a profound understanding of relevant underlying values such as well-being, freedom, justice, democracy, human rights, political stability and ecological sustainability. Based on this understanding, she then determines which values are to be weighed against one another in order to fully comprehend economic realities and complexities.

In addition to developing philosophical theories, Robeyns has conducted extensive research on applied ethical questions, such as the ethical analysis of welfare state institutions and alternative economic systems. Her research career has seen her develop into one of the world's leading theoreticians on the capability approach (a post-materialist theory on well-being and freedom). With a solid theoretical basis and experience in applying ethical theory to concrete social issues, Robeyns is a valuable addition to both the strategic theme of 'Institutions' and the Ethics Institute.