IOS hubs: connecting research and practice

Joining forces to tackle today's and tomorrow's societal issues

Innovation, impact and new insights requires cooperation between scientific disciplines and with professionals outside the scientific field. Researchers at Institutions for Open Societies therefore work together with several societal partners. These cooperations take place within our hubs: interdisciplinary networks in which science and society meet. By joining forces, we can combine expertise and perspectives to jointly work together in finding solutions to today's urgent challenges - towards open and resilient societies worldwide. 

In the videos below, you can learn all about the focus and goals of our five hubs. 

Our hub: Security in Open Societies

When facing sudden security threats, core values in our society can run into conflict. How can we balance such conflicting values?

Our hub: Gender & Diversity

How can we build an open and inclusive society?

Our hub: Future of Work

How can we make sure that as many people as possible benefit from a changing labour market?

Our hub: Social Entrepreneurship Initiative

How can we stimulate entrepreneurial activities that support societal transitions in an effective way?

Our hub: Future of Citizen-Based Initiatives

How can bottom-up cooperation lead to an open and more resilient society?