Institutions for Open Societies: Hubs

Utrecht University is contributing to the development of open and resilient societies around the globe. Within the research theme Institutions for Open Societies interdisciplinary research is conducted on the formal and informal rules (institutions) of human interaction. Scholars from various fields work together to answer two key questions: Why do societies develop so divergently? And how do institutions contribute to the formation and florescence of open societies?

How to generate societal impact and offer solutions for societal challenges?

Starting 12 February 2018 Institutions for Open Societies (IOS) is proud to announce five focal points of research where science meets society to solve pressing social issues: the IOS-Hubs.

Within the IOS-Hubs excellent researchers from different disciplines collaborate with private and public partners on socially relevant topics. The five IOS-Hubs are: Future of Work, Future of Citizen-based Initiatives, Security in Open Societies, Entrepreneurship for Social Challenges, and Gender and Diversity.

The main objective of all IOS-Hubs is to generate societal impact and offer solutions for societal challenges by collaborating with external public and/or private stakeholders.