Gender and Diversity

How can we achieve societal inclusion and change?

Scheidingsmuur waarlangs diverse jonge mensen lopen.

The presence of women and other under-represented groups in the public sphere is still incidental rather than structural, limiting the realisation of a truly open, democratic and equitable society. Building a society that is equally inclusive for all genders, ethnicities and other group dimensions is crucial from the perspective of fundamental rights, individual well-being and economics.

How can we achieve cultural, political and societal inclusion and change? What can organisations do to enhance the diversity, including the position of women and other under-represented groups, in their organisation? How do we effectively combat the discrimination and devaluation of minority groups?

Societal inclusion

The IOS-Hub Gender and Diversity joins forces with societal partners to solve complex gender and diversity issues, as well as to develop strategies for implementing diversity in order to achieve societal inclusion and change.


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