Public engagement

On 17 March, following the Provincial Council and water board elections, Futures of Democracy organised the conference Democratic renewal in public administration: curse or blessing?  

The future of Dutch democracy was discussed in three panels, concerning the Provincial States, the Eerste Kamer and the water boards. The theme of renewal was central to all three panels: how can our democratic institutions be renewed and improved, and which aspects are actually worth preserving? Can renewals alleviate our concerns about the current state of democracy?
Thanks to the expert speakers (Prof Sophie van Bijsterveld, Laura Bromet, Prof Bert van den Braak, Harmen Binnema, Amos de Jong and Tony Barshini) and the enthusiastic participants, these questions led to interesting discussions, and new insights into Dutch democracy.

The core team of Futures of Democracy is currently organizing a conference on the theme ‘Democracy for Future Generations,’ to take place on 2 June 2023. Come back soon for more information!