To stimulate a dialogue among scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds who all work on the theme of democracy, the platform organizes activities to share ideas, work-in-progress, papers and project applications. Therefore the platform hosts monthly seminars and organises public lectures, conferences and public events.

Seminar Series 2023-24 "Teaching Democracy"

IOS Futures of Democracy Seminar Series 2023-24 “Democratic Education”

Speaker Program





Dr. Saro Lozano Parra

Educational Friction in the Classroom

November 23rd 16:00-18:00

Drift 6, room 0.07

Prof. dr. Roland Reichenbach

Is There Such a Thing as Democratic Education?

January 19th 16:00-18:00

Drift 6, room 0.07

Prof. dr. Michael Merry

Controversy in the Classroom

February 15th 16:00-18:00

Drift 6, room 0.07

Dr. Julian Culp

Democratic Citizenship and Education in Digitized Societies

March 14th 16:00-18:00

Wittevrouwenstraat 7bis, room 0.03

Prof. dr. Felisa Tibbitts

Can Schools Activate our Youth?

April 18th 16:00-18:00

Drift 6, room 0.07

Stephan Venmans

Designing Citizenship Education at the Middle/High School Level

Postponed to autumn 2024

More info soon

  • Upcoming events

    • Open Session on Democracy

      Research network Institutions for Open Societies invites everyone with an interest in democracy and especially early career researchers to Tuesday 28 May. In this meeting, we aim to build on current discussions and provide an open space to work on joint initiatives and collaborations between different IOS platforms and beyond.
    • The Big Europe show

      On Tuesday June 4, Institutions for Open Societies' platform Futures of Democracy invite you to join a whirlwind show with information, political analysis, humour and interaction about Europe en European Politics. In 75 minutes, De Kiesmannen ('Electors') will get you ready for the voting booth at the upcoming European elections.

Seminar Series 2022-23 "Democratic Innovations"