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bureau met pc, tablet, smartphone
1 May 2019
Ronja Röttger receives a grant for her contribution to the Future of Work research at Utrecht University.
Maarten Goos bij de Europese Commissie
8 April 2019
It is time for a redistribution of the value of data, is the advice of professor Maarten Goos, together with a European Expert Group to the European Commission.
Robotarmen productielijn
14 February 2019
After 5 years, approximately 8 percent of employees leave the company as a result of automation, according to research from, among others, Utrecht University.
Jonge mannen met laptops buiten bij ochtendgloren
7 February 2019
The professor of Labour Economics at Utrecht University is a fellow for five months at NIAS, studying sustainable careers, lifelong learning and basic jobs.
Erik Stam
8 November 2018
Bij de fundamentele veranderingen op de arbeidsmarkt horen mogelijk nieuwe regels, wetten en belastingen. Erik Stam is gevraagd om dat mede te onderzoeken.
Ziek thuis op de bank onder een dekentje
12 September 2018
There is strong evidence that employees respond to both negative and positive incentives to reduce absenteeism, Wolter Hassink writes in IZA World of Labor.
Eva Knies
3 September 2018
According to prof. dr. Eva Knies job satisfaction is largely produced by the feeling that you are adding a purposeful contribution to an organization’s targets.
demonstranten voor gelijke rechten
15 May 2018
Linda Senden, Belle Derks, Rosemarie Buikema and Maarten Goos will share their knowledge with policy makers in OECD engagement groups.