About Future of Citizen-Based Initiatives

Get rich or try sharing

Citizens today are increasingly taking charge of things instead of simply relying on the state for their wellbeing. Many of these bottom-up initiatives and new forms of collectives aim to address pressing social issues like climate change and shrinking urban space. Examples are cooperatives facilitating elderly care in depopulating areas, or renewable energy cooperatives. In a time where society is often described as individualistic, the willingness of these civilians to cooperative and share is an interesting phenomenon.

How can we advise and stimulate citizen-based initiatives?

The Future of Citizen-Based Initiatives Hub aims to delve deeper into this trend. What motivates people to cooperate and become engaged? And how do these bottom-up processes, which brings together citizens but also citizens and governments and/or businesses, lead to an open and more resilient society? Or does it create ground for new forms of exclusion instead? The FOCI Hub aims to advise, promote and stimulate citizen-based initiatives and provide a platform for collaboration between Utrecht University researchers and societal partners on this theme. FOCI is part of research expertise area Institutions for Open Societies.