How can bottom-up cooperation lead to an open and more resilient society?

Citizen’s today are increasingly taking charge of things. They no longer simply rely on the state for their wellbeing. Many of these bottom-up initiatives and new forms of collectives aim to address pressing social issues. Civilians unite in a cooperation to ensure care for their elderly or children, or share their car or house to complete strangers through an online platform. What motivates citizens to cooperate and become involved? And does this lead to an open and more resilient society?

The FOCI Hub advises, promotes and stimulates citizen-based initiatives and is a platform for collaboration between Utrecht University researchers and societal partners on this theme. Feel free to approach us with questions or queries!    


29 October 2019
On Friday, October 11 the Future of Citizen-based Initiatives Hub organized a second Commons Event at the Social Impact Factory.
Seed Money. Foto: Tax Credits
15 October 2019
As usual in October we want to draw attention again to the possibility of applying for IOS 'seed money'.
Uitreiking Spinozapremie 2019 © NWO, fotografie: Bram Saeys
2 October 2019
Economic historian Bas van Bavel was presented with the highest distinctions awarded in Dutch science.


9 December 2019 09:30 - 15:45
The Young Scholars Workshop on Platformcoops brings together PhD-students with knowledge on platformcoops.