Lectures & media

Denise de Ridder
Engaging residents with the energy transition: Joint action in the apartment block
European University Vienna. June 12, 2023

Lars Tummers
Journalists need to be more critical of the way governments use 'nudging' to change our behaviour – here's why
Article in Yahoo! News, 11 April 2023

Denise de Ridder
Fair Nudges: How To Design Choice Arrangements Supporting People To Make Their Own Decisions
Symposium presented at International Convention of Psychological Science.
Brussels, Belgium. March 9-11, 2023
This symposium addresses nudge legitimacy by examining how people experience their choices being nudged. We present four perspectives by discussing nudges that concern critical choices (organ donation, vaccination) and by examining how nudge disclosure impacts autonomous decision making. These perspectives are integrated by debating the implications for behavioural public policy.

Denise de Ridder
How to govern the sustainability transition with insights from behavioural science?
Sustainable Behaviour Network Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. Utrecht, February 14, 2023
Sustainable Behaviour (uu.nl)

Lars Tummers
‘Vecht niet tegen saai imago ambtenaren’
Essay in Binnenlands Bestuur, 25 December 2022

Lars Tummers
Waarom we denken dat ambtenaren lui en streng zijn
Article in NU.nl, 10 May 2022

Denise de Ridder
Can gentle directions in the right way engage people with things that really matter?
Aarhus University, Denmark. April 7, 2022

Lars Tummers
Gegrap over ambtenaren niet altijd onschuldig: 'Minder vertrouwen in werk'
Article in RTL Nieuws, 2 April 2022

Denise de Ridder
We need to talk about meat
Interactive lecture RABObank Young Professionals.
Oijen, The Netherlands. October 28, 2021

Denise de Ridder
Designing Public Policy Arrangements for the Common Good
Keynote at Dag van he Gedrag BIN-NL network.
Den Haag, The Netherlands. November 28, 2019

Denise de Ridder
Behavioural insights for managing reduced water usage.
DWSI platform for joint horizon scanning by the Dutch water sector.
Hilversum, The Netherlands. June 13, 2019