Stream Institutions for Resilience and Long-termism

What are the possibilities to represent future generations in political institutions?

This stream explores how research, and social and political practices can increase focus on long-term perspectives. Discussions about resilience and sustainability are current attempts at shaping policies and practices in such a way that the long-term consequences of current actions are taken into consideration.

Institutions for Resilience and Long-termism

Sustainable policies

Resilient societies aim at enhancing their ability to respond to societal, economic and ecological threats and crisis. Sustainable policies aim to avoid dangerous climate change by mitigation and adaptation. The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to establish sustainable polices about the entire range of global economic, political, technological, and social areas of action. However, all those goals are only intelligible if we have abilities for long-term policy-making, planning, regulation and action for which current academic methodologies and theories are only insufficiently prepared.