High quality fundamental research with a keen eye for application.

Utrecht Research Institute for Information and Computing Sciences

In our modern society, the digital and physical worlds are tightly intertwined. They interact with each other even in the smallest aspects of our daily lives. This results in many conveniences, but it’s also a constant source of new – and often fundamental – challenges in the field of information and computing sciences.

In our constantly changing (digital) society, the Utrecht research Institute for Information and Computing Sciences researches both novel and feasible ways to push the frontiers in science and applications. This makes us scientifically and socially relevant.


Scientific director Institute for Information and Computing Sciences:


Gerard Barkema
14 June 2016
As of 1 June 2016, Prof. Gerard Barkema was appointed Professor of Simulation of Complex Systems at the Department of Computer Science.
Game Research CLICKNL presentation by Jan Dirk Fijnheer
10 June 2016
PhD candidate Jan Dirk Fijnheer has developed a game that teaches players in a fun way to save electricity and gas at home.
Project: Close Encounters
20 May 2016
EU ambassadors experience games for green, healthy, and smart region
Seed Money. Foto: Tax Credits
13 May 2016
The 2016 Spring Call for Seed Money Proposals is now open, with a budget of 100,000 Euros.
Egon van den Broek
25 April 2016
Per 1 January, Egon van den Broek was appointed as Area Editor of Pattern Recognition Letters, and per 1 March as Editor-in-Chief of Open Computer Science,