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Utrecht Research Institute for Information and Computing Sciences

In our modern society, the digital and physical worlds are tightly intertwined. They interact with each other even in the smallest aspects of our daily lives. This results in many conveniences, but it’s also a constant source of new – and often fundamental – challenges in the field of information and computing sciences.

In our constantly changing (digital) society, the Utrecht research Institute for Information and Computing Sciences researches both novel and feasible ways to push the frontiers in science and applications. This makes us scientifically and socially relevant.


Scientific director Institute for Information and Computing Sciences:


18 November 2016
Serious game for training health care professionals
Parnassos Nieuwsbrief Tour de France
18 November 2016
Utrecht University and Movares extend crowd simulation partnership
18 November 2016
Observations from the Symposium on Software for Practicing Communication Skills
Lonely Theodor and the operating system Samantha, designed to meet Theodor's needs (Movier: Her (2013)).
27 October 2016
Robots are becoming part of our daily lives. Are we ready to take this relationship to the next level? Zerrin Yumak addressed this at the Studium Generale.
Robbert Dijkgraaf spreekt voor eerstejaars studenten
5 September 2016
Tien regels voor een succesvolle studie volgens Robbert Dijkgraaf